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Burnout Competitors


There is a 50 car entry limit only. First in, first served.


Rotary N/A
Rotary Turbo
Piston N/A
Piston Turbo

Event Format

Everyone gets one 2 minute round to get judged for qualifying. Then the top competitors move onto the finals.

After the competition, the pad opens to all entrants for freestyle skids and passenger rides.


1. All competitors to complete Entry Form and Sign Waiver before entering the arena. Any false information on the Entry Form will see the person barred from future events.

2. A current Drivers Licence is required - Provisional or Full.

3. All Competitors and Passengers must wear long sleeved shirts, long trousers and covered in shoes.

4. No thongs, sandals, shorts, and T-shirts allowed and no synthetic or nylon clothing to be worn.

5. Seat Belts must be worn by the Driver and Passenger and properly adjusted during competition.

6. Depending on venue rules, Helmets may be required to be worn by both the Driver and Passenger.

7. No Competitor or Passenger is to have any part of their body protruding from the vehicle during competition.

8. Burn outs to cease and vehicle leave the centre area immediately on direction of the Officials.

Safety Check

1. No loose items inside the vehicle.

2. All doors must have secure locking mechanisms.

3. Throttle return (spring).

4. No fuel, oil or fluid leaks (radiator overflow bottle is recommended).

5. The fuel tank, if not original, is to be of a professional construction standard or fuel cell type and securely mounted.

6. Battery tied down and securely fastened.

7. Brakes.

8. Scatter shields to be fitted to all rotarys

9. Bonnets and front mudguards must be fitted.

10. Wheel studs & nuts must be all tight and non missing

11. Seat mounts.

12. Seat belts and mounts.

Competition Rules

1. Entries limited to the first 50 vehicles.

2. Maximum time limit of 2mins

3. No alcohol

4. Any competitor failing to keep within the defined area will be automatically disqualified.

5. No static burn outs (vehicle must be kept moving). Long static burn outs will result in a loss of points or disqualification

6. If a tyre or engine blows, please stop vehicle immediately.

7. Burn outs on pit roads or any other area (other than the designated burn out area) will see the driver and vehicle removed from the Speedway City complex and banned from competing at future events. The cost of any damage will be charged to the competitor.

8. Competitors must not consume Alcohol for a minimum of 12 hours prior to or during the event.

9. Drivers must follow the requests of the officials, as they act on your behalf in the interest of safety.